Cameron Lee-Parker

Graphic Designer / Illustrator

About Cameron

   I am currently studying graphic design and advertising at Drake University.  During my time here, I have successfully completed courses in Adobe Programs including Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.    Equipped with communication and collaboration skills, I am pursuing internship opportunities to apply my skills and contribute to a team. I can provide letters of recommendation upon request.

 I have various work and volunteer experience that makes me an excellent candidate for your position.  I am hardworking and have a strong work ethic.  My ability to communicate well and work in a team environment has contributed to my success.  With my communication skills, I am able to write pieces that portray strong messages suited to a company’s or individual’s needs.  

Having the opportunity to participate in projects designed to suit my interests and capabilities is of great interest to me.  I excel in illustration and graphic design.  In my previous experience at Community Options, a nonprofit organization set on raising funds or services and supports for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, I applied my skills and talents to create designs, advertisements, and logos for clients.  This opportunity grew into others in my future to design icons for companies and local businesses alike.